Meet Dr. Wong in Spain or Italy

Dr. Jerry Wong is one of the World’s most renown hair transplant surgeons.   He’s bringing his 18 years of hair transplant experience to Rome, Milan and Madrid this November.

This is a great opportunity to meet Dr. Wong for a one-on-one assessment & consultation.  The session is free and there is no obligation!

Click to make an appointment in Milan Nov 8-9, Madrid Nov 12 & Rome Nov 14-15

Dr. Wong in Italy and Spain

Free Hair Transplant Consultations in London Nov 9-11

Dr Hasson in London Meet Dr. Hasson in London, England November 9 to 11 for a hair transplant assessment.

The Consultations are free and there is no obligation!

Both Dr. Wong and Dr. Hasson travel to cities around the globe a few times each year, and their events are usually booked up well in advance.   If  you have been considering hair transplant surgery, this is a great opportunity to meet one of the World’s most experienced and renown Hair Transplant Surgeons.

Send us your booking request.

The Doctor will assess your current hair loss, the health and availability of your donor hair along with your goals and will let you know if you are a good candidate for surgery, how many grafts would be required to achieve your goals and how much the procedure might cost.

If you would prefer, you can always use our free online form and we will provide you with the same information in your assessment.


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